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As you know we have been trialling a period allowing only competition play from the White Tees. This period has given the teeing areas time to recover and the recent improvement in growth provides us confidence that recovery times are shortening. It was also noted that there was no improvement or detrimental effect to the fairways/landing areas during this period.

Based on the above feedback from the Greens Team, at the Council meeting on Monday evening, the Council decided to revert back to allowing Members to choose which tee they wish to play from.

This change takes effect immediately until the end of September.

The Council will review this decision if there is any material change to the condition of the teeing areas.

We anticipate next year, given similar conditions and circumstances, we will introduce the choice to play any tee, a few weeks after the start of the season, likely some time in May. This will allow the medal tees to better establish and reduce wear on them at the start of the season. We will notify you of this nearer the time.

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